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Two young architects, Félix Sánchez Aguilar and Luis Sanchez Renero Rangel, showed their organizational knack and capacity when they founded their own firm. Sánchez Arquitectos y Asociados began operating in 1976. A few years later Gustavo López Padilla, Fernando Mota Férnandez and Raúl González Martínez become business partners of the office, and the team goals become increasingly exciting and ambitious, aimed towards a steady progress.


Throughout the first decade the architects worked in numerous projects, for both private and public clients, which made them emerged as one of the most promising architectural officers in México. For those moments, their members felt obliged to participate in developments like affordable housing and began to be interested with greater impetus in urban planning; these concerns gave way to a genuine preoccupation for the conciliation between design and theory.


The variety of typologies that for more than 30 years has developed the office speaks about the ability and aptitude to handle different scales in the field of the architecture. Always inspired by light, materials, the rational use of space and resources and with their focus on functional spaces, the work of this team has remained in the city and has left an influence that will be lasting in the new generations.


This book portrays the talent and vision that led Sánchez Arquitectos y Asociados to tge top of its professional career. Its essence is in the understanding of how the group goals became many and continued achievements. The edition offers an approach to the most authentic ways to conceive Mexican architecture, a logical way of thinking about it, which exceeds the specific vocabulary of forms to reinterpret with a personal signature the signs of history, life ans space.

All ¨The Sánchez¨ studied in our Faculty of Architecture of the University Nacional Autónoma de México, which not only honors the institution but make us feel great satisfaction, and mainly gives us a lesson of professional life.


Jorge Tamés y Batta

Director of the Faculty of Architecture



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